Do You Have Influence?
The Strategic Influence model advises organizations on how to earn an advisory relationship with their largest strategic customers.
The consulation, training and executive coaching emphasizes six critical success areas which executives must master to maximize one-on-one engagement, personal alignment and value creation.

The Strategy Process Covers

  • Dissecting the vital behaviors of Advisors
  • Understanding the customer’s decision making styles and strategies for alignment.
  • An understanding of your own personal sales strategy roadmap and biases.
  • The value of framing a strategic idea and declaring its strategic significance.
  • Developing a pre-call conversation roadmap.
  • Understanding the role of discontent and dissatisfaction in the sales process.
  • Recognizing the unconscious laws of influence and sales effectiveness.
  • Utilizing the unique power of stories & social proof in communication.
  • Understanding your own personal roadmap and when you are at your best.



Strategic Influence Benefits:

  • Transform everyday sales calls into elevated strategy meetings while moving to proposal.
  • Create a strategic sales organization which escalates client relationships and delivers value
  • Improve senior management engagement strategies while improving strategic alignment during all business meetings
  • Embed a sales philosophy where clients understand the vision of the organization and their authority within their business.
  • Develop impactful engagement skills recognizing the vital behaviors of value creation.