Dark Horse:

How Challenger Companies Rise to Prominence

Why do dark horse companies succeed?

Dan Mack can create a custom strategic training program or key note presentation that aligns with your company’s agenda

Everyone loves a dark horse—the come-from-behind winner that no one expects. We cheer for them, marvel at their tenacity, and hope for their victory over stronger, better-known competitors. But why do dark horses win? They aren’t favored to win, and often for good reason. They usually don’t have big money invested in them; they have no history of winning, and not many people have heard of them. The usual formula for winning the race just isn’t there.

Yet they win anyway.

Dan Mack takes you inside the minds, hearts, and boardrooms of dark horse companies who are winning big despite being newer on the scene and having a lower profile.  You too can come from behind and surprise everyone with your success!