We offer customized key note training discussions on elite sales relationships, top-to-top engagements and high performing cultures. The talks are designed to educate, motivate and equip your team to thrive in the new economy.

Looking for Growth Ideas For Your Next Meeting?

If you are looking to set an atmosphere for growth, organizational change and a differentiated sales blueprint, we can assist you.  We facilitate larger growth discussions and present emerging customer engagement best practices” with your team. The workshops offer an insider’s view on the most valuable customer development strategies curated over years of moderating the Elevation Forum leadership group. We also share research and the secrets of emerging companies achieving competitive advantage.

Elite Customer Relationships

We can assist your organization in creating elite customer relationships. On average, U.S. companies lose fifty percent of their customers every five years. This is a defection rate of twenty percent per year.  What do the elite organizations understand?   There are unique behaviors of today’s elite customer relationships, including:

  • Growth mindset unleashing innovative solutions;
  • Design exclusive custom solutions and experiences through co-creation;
  • Uncommon insights unleashing new growth ideas;
  • Agility and flexibility improving enterprise alignment;
  • Laser focused on the vital few customers driving advantage;

The Blueprint

What do the elite emerging companies do that larger players wished they understood?  How do you defend against up and coming rivals? These practices are detailed in the book Dark Horse: How Challenger Companies Rise to Prominence. 

  • Their business is personal, it’s an extension of their identity and it’s about more than profit.
  • They use their organization’s hidden assets to create differentiating value.
  • They create a clear, vibrant business blueprint and share it openly with employees.
  • They co-create innovation with customers.
  • They influence the influencers who help build their brand.