We are a boutique sales strategy, executive coaching and training agency. We partner with companies striving to create elite teams & maximum customer alignment.


Make your next event transformational.

Dan Mack takes you inside the minds, hearts, and boardrooms of dark horse companies who are winning big despite being newer on the scene and having a lower profile. You too can come from behind and surprise everyone with your success!

Mack’s business development programs and key note presentations concentrate on how to optimize your company assets, drive customer alignment while creating a transformational business culture.


Leverage our experience to expand your influence

Most organizations are not developing their next generation of leaders to possess both a strategic & entrepreneurial mindset. One of our areas of excellence is helping accelerate the growth of your high potential leaders through performance coaching. We work with partners on mental preparation, dealing with stress and ambiguity, expanding self-awareness and improved customer engagement strategies.

The Elevation Forum

The Elevation Forum is a high performing community of senior sales & marketing leaders that meet in a trusted environment to gather confidential peer insights into many of the difficult challenges emerging in the industry. The group discusses strategic sales, leadership development and customer engagement best practices.

The Elevation Forum and Elevation Summit are dynamic events where many of the best companies in the industry accumulate new ideas to build their companies.

If you are looking for cutting edge strategic insights and special access to many of the top retail executives, then join this elite executive group.


The Future of Higher Level Sales Engagements

Are you comfortable with paradox, ambiguity, change management and unlearning things you hold dear? The future of sales is both on us today and will continue to evolve at warp speed.  Hyper competition is squeezing flexibility and demanding a new sales approach.

Dark Horse Book:
How Challenger Companies Rise to Prominence

Whether you lead a small business, a consulting practice, a sports team, or a not-for-profit enterprise, this book will reveal the clues left behind by winning organizations. The best leaders and companies bring more than unique products or services to the market; they consistently tap into the ten growth enablers.

The View From The Top
CPG Benchmark and Research Insights

TheView from the Top” Bench Market Study offers emerging and mid-size companies a competitive insight into numerous confidential business & analytical metrics which are key to building a winning consumer package goods company. The bench mark insights include:

Leading In a Hyper-Competitive World
13 Principles to Transform Your Culture

In a world where a competitive advantage often evaporates in less than a year, companies can’t afford to spend months at a time crafting a single long-term strategy.  To stay ahead, organizations must objectively look in the mirror at their positioning, strategy and business mode.

I work as a strategist, advisor and coach to numerous companies in the consumer package goods industry. I am the founder of the Elevation Forum leadership group that provides counsel and insight to many of today’s top growth companies.

I have spent over 10 years uncovering the blueprint for emerging growth companies, and the best practices of creating elite customer relationships. I chronicled my learnings in my first book Dark Horse: How Challenger Companies Rise To Prominence.

I started my career with GlaxoSmithKline, served as VP of Sales and Customer Marketing at GOJO Industries, helping to build the PURELL brand and assisted with the corporate turnaround of Dentek Oral Care. I look forward to better understanding if I can assist you in elevating your sales operation to an elite level.