Are you comfortable with paradox, ambiguity, change management and unlearning things you hold dear? The future of sales is both on us today and will continue to evolve at warp speed.  Hyper competition is squeezing flexibility and demanding a new sales approach. The future will emphasize holistic business management. It will require sales leaders to embrace a blend of entrepreneurism, social selling, higher-level financial disciplines and skills in moderating customer innovation meetings.

Tomorrow’s leaders will be adept at managing an ecosystem of assets, alliances, insights and emerging new businesses.  They will be skilled at facilitating higher level collaborative meetings with the customer and all functional internal teams.  They will become vital parts of the innovation process.

This executive summary offers insights into 13 business themes:

  1. Are You Present?
  2. 4 Trends: The Future of Sales
  3. The 2020 Sales Leader
  4. The Winning Joint Business Philosophy (JBP) and Architecture
  5. How to Become More Relevant in the Eyes of the Retailer
  6. The 7 Deadly Sins of Higher Level Engagement
  7. Winning Sales Habits
  8. How is Your Organization at Attracting and Retaining Talent?
  9. How Presentation Clarity Drives Growth
  10. 80/20 Growth Mentality
  11. The DNA of an Elite Sales Organization
  12. How to Co-Exist in a World of Private Brand
  13. Embracing Hyper Item Rationalization in the Club Channel

A great leadership resource for organizations looking to take their sales, marketing and customer teams to a new level.  This 33 page portfolio can also be incorporated into sales and customer training initiatives.