(25 page pdf download)

In a world where a competitive advantage often evaporates in less than a year, companies can’t afford to spend months at a time crafting a single long-term strategy.  To stay ahead, organizations must objectively look in the mirror at their positioning, strategy and business mode.  Maintaining a competitive advantage is not the norm anymore.  So how do you create and protect your competitive advantage?

Sustainable growth is the goal and there are numerous factors hindering this outcome, specifically: the battle for talent, the new extreme value consumer, intermediaries like Amazon which have changed the game, hyper-competition, agile competitive upstarts outflanking larger firms, and fewer larger retailers choosing to do battle with fewer larger partners.  This portfolio will encourage you to ask new questions as you assess your business.

This executive summary offers insights into 13 business themes:

  1. Optimizing Your Sales Structure for Competitive Advantage
  2. The End of Competitive Advantage
  3. The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and How to Eliminate
  4. Driving Improved Productivity with the Trade Promotional Budget
  5. Since We Are in a New Economy – What Do We Need to Unlearn?
  6. Are You on the Verge of a Growth Stall?
  7. Ideas on Business Disruption
  8. How Do Great Organizations Embrace Paradox?
  9. Failure Tolerant Executives Are the Winning Model
  10. The “Habits” of Growth Companies
  11. Behaviors of Distinct Organizations
  12. How Can Leaders Create the Future?
  13. How Do Companies Win Under Pressure?

A great leadership resource for organizations looking to take their sales, marketing and customer teams to a new level.  This curated portfolio can also be incorporated into sales and customer training initiatives.