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14 04, 2015

The 6 Disciplines Behind Consistently Great Customer Experiences

The Idea: The age of manufacturing is now officially over. We now live in the experience economy, where the functional must become emotional. And it doesn’t matter what business you are in. Designing functional products (only) will one day make you irrelevant. Creating products that encourage experiences and “one to one” relationships allow you to create a community. Experiences transport people from consumers to loyalists.

14 04, 2015

Co-Creation: Designing with the User, for the User

The Idea: An individual (or company) that practices co-creation will become more empathetic to the person they are trying to serve. The process is based on the belief that as you get closer to the stated & unstated needs of the customer you discover or invent the best solution. And co-creation occurs anytime users and designers work together with a shared goal exploring problems and potential solutions. And it should be a natural part of all of our lives.

14 04, 2015

Smart Customization: Profitable Growth Through Tailored Business Streams

The Idea: In a world where everyone wants a custom solution, how do you reduce complexity and risk? One of the answers is to understand the true source of value of a custom solution, and to understand how to tailor a cost effective solution without compromising uniqueness. Organizations must develop a corporate competency in cost effective customization.

14 04, 2015

3 ways companies can make co-creation pay off

The Idea: Most companies love to talk about their collaboration skills with the customer but research shows it just doesn’t happen. Wonder why? The answers is a lack of the right people, lack of true motivation, and not focusing on a sustainable pay-off. Collaboration matters and it pays off, but only if you are honest with yourself.