By Dan Mack, Drugstore News. 

“Why do smart leaders fail? They go off track with lack of strategic decisiveness, failure to create systems driving execution, struggle with financial management or talent retention. The top leaders create a virtual board of advisers to help them stay in reality.” That was one of the key messages conveyed by Elevation Forum founder Dan Mack to more than 30 senior leaders during the Health & Wellness @Retail 2013 event in San Antonio.

On May 30, this group of senior executives — as well as keynote speaker and H-E-B’s group VP drug store, beauty, general merchandise, floral and services Bill Anderson — gathered as part of the latest Elevation Forum. Anderson shared with the team how to align their business philosophy with H-E-B.

TABS Group partner David Butcher also brought forward a trade optimization model for dramatically improving trade investments. According to Butcher, “Everyone can get more out of their promotions, if they
stay out of the weeds and concentrate on where the post-evaluation data takes you.”